Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two crazy days

So, I thankfully, I don't have any pictures. I have had two crazy days. Let's start off with yesterday. I woke up, took a bath as usual. I get out, see something out of the corner of my eye. It's a scorpion. Okay, so I showed the boys the scorpion so they would know not to pick one up or touch it. I was smart enough to avoid picking the thing up with toilet paper, because it freaked me out. The thing was still moving, and when I got a piece of paper to scoop it up and flush it, it startled the nasty thing, and I screamed. I flushed it, but let me tell you...I have to make sure it hasn't crawled back up the toilet every time someone uses it. EWWW!!!

Then, you all know it was pouring rain yesterday. It was lightning and thundering, and I rushed to get into the car. We hurried a few minutes late down the road and got stopped...behind a stupid train. 5 minutes slowly rolled by. Kanton was nice enough to point out some of the grafiti on the train was "a really good picture." I told him it was not nice to paint on trains. :) So, we went to school, and for the first time ALL year, Braden was tardy. Not only is he tardy, but I have to go inside and leave the other two kids in the car for a minute (I have never done this!) and sign his name. I had to wait in line. Can we excuse tardies on days of severe downpours, please? Can we make exceptions when there are more than 10 people late, standing in line? Strange. Okay, so I get in the car, leave, head to work. I notice that I have no purse. Forgot it. Carefully, I drive to work. Ashton's crying as we pass the donut shop. Sorry!

Almost to work, I get into the turning lane, and WHHOOAAAHHHHH! we start hydroplaning on the water and bump the side of the curb. My poor van. It was really scary. 15 minutes left to get to work. It took us an hour in the car in the pouring rain to get there.

I make it to work, work a little while, and at 15 til 11:00, I get a phone call. Braden, for the first time all year, forgets his lunch. I had to clock out of work and drive over and back, taking an hour out of my pay and time, and take him lunch. Luckily, we had lunch at school. I had no money. Remember, I forgot my purse.

So, the extra trip was unexpected. I get Braden from school. I look down, and the gas light's on. I tell Braden, "Sorry, I know you're hungry, but we have to get gas." Start driving, and he says, "Mom, there's a gas station right there. Stop there." I told him, "I have to use my Kroger card..." I stop and think ..." I forgot my purse! The Kroger card's in my purse." Luckily, my friend Lana, whom I work with, came to my rescue. I called her and asked if I could cash a check at her husband's bank. Instead, she drops her shopping in the middle of Kohls and comes to my rescue. What a friend! She drove across town, got her card, put $20 of gas in my tank, and sent me on my way! Yesterday was a weird day.

Now, today. Today was better. We left early. I decided to go a new way that a man told me in line while waiting for the tardy slip the previous day. I turned down Highway 60 and exited on Highway 47. There was some construction. I saw the sign and asked Ricky, whom I was on the phone with, "Hey, it says 1179. Is that the road?" Ricky: "I don't know. Look for a sign." (men!) Anyway, I pass the road. I keep going, and the left lane ends. I am driving, freaking out, don't want 2 tardies in a row. I turn around, stay on the other side of the cones, and I start going up a ramp. There are construction guys on the top of this bridge they are building over 47. I wonder why they won't move. I run over the handle of a guy's shovel. No one bothers to stand up, wave their arms, and say "Lady, you're on a road that's closed!" Nope. They just sit and watch me. So, I drive around the sign that says "Ramp closed." I proceed down the road and notice that I'm on a one way going the wrong way. So, I pull over in the ditch and turn around. I get going the right way. Heart pounding. Fists clinched. Palms sweating. My kids are laughing. They think it's funny and want to do it again.

No thank you. I am not a good driver in construction. Is that all this town big construction zone? Anybody have a bus pass?? Oh, and my gas light came on again on the way home. $20 gets you nowhere these days.

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Becky said...

OH Jennifer!!!! All this and you can still do cartwheels, cheers, and splits!!! And, be a mega CVS shopper!!! :o)
I had no idea it was that rough the other day!!!
You had me laughing atthe end too!