Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday, Braden

Asthon, Braden, and Kanton with the cake

Braden's cake

Braden with Mumble

Braden's 8th Birthday was this weekend. He really loves penguins, so he had a penguin cake and penguin balloons. Thank goodness the weather was a little warmer than penguins prefer, because we had a wonderful time at Braden's favorite park. Braden has only had indoor birthdays in the past (since his birthday is in February) so we were thrilled with the beautiful weather!
I am so proud of Braden. He is doing great in school. He has 100's in nearly every subject, and those he doesn't, he just missed it by a few points. I am very proud of him. He is quite the perfectionist about school, and it reminds me of myself. I have created a monster! (but a good monster) He is reading on a 3.5 grade level and memorizing scripture and poems by Robert Frost. He is also in AWANA at church, and he memorizes even more scripture. He informed us that the teacher asked him not to raise his hand so much to allow other kids to answer at church. :)
Braden is a great kid, and right now, he wants to be an inventor when he grows up. He loves watching shows like Mythbusters to figure out how things work. His teacher at school told me he loves reading non-fiction books, which are quite difficult. He reads the science articles and things no one else wants to pick up.
When Braden was little, he said a couple of things that made me think he was going to be a very inquisitive child. ie., Once, I was nursing Kanton when Braden was about 2 1/2, and he said, "Mom, why do you have two of those? Is one chocolate milk?" Another time, he was 2-ish, and he was jumping on the bed. I said, "Braden, stop jumping on the bed. You're going to fall off and break your arm!" He said, "That's okay, Mom. I have another one."

We love you, Braden, You're such a great kid, and we are so proud of you. We look forward to even greater things in your future. We're so glad your our kid!!! Thank you, God, for Braden!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tag Time

I was tagged by Mitzi. The task: Answer each question about yourself, then tag 5 people by posting their names and leaving a comment about them on their blog.

10 years ago: In January 1998, I was in college at Angelo State University, I was a cheerleader, and I was working at Cellular One in a litle kiosk inside Walmart.

Things on my to do list tomorrow: Get Braden to school on time, get kids to preschool and Mom's Day Out as well as get to work on time (notice a pattern?), work, eat Olive Garden at work (special day!), get Braden, home for an hour, church, home, baths, brush teeth, and bed! Whew. I'm tired already!

Snacks I enjoy: Dr Pepper (still trying to quit), Hershey's chocolate, french onion dip with ruffled potato chips, and most of the things little kids like.

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire? I would pay off all bills, buy lots of land, buy houses for my parents, siblings, extended family, and grandparents. I would tithe 10% of it, save some for the kids for college, and buy me another '65 Mustang Convertible. I think that I would make sure that I could take care of everyone who has helped me through the years, like Mitzi as well.

3 of my bad habits: I drink way too much Dr Pepper, don't exercise any more, and I think of what I am going to say while people are talking. I also start talking too soon on most phone conversations, hence interrupting. Oops. Bad habits. More than three. Even worse.

Jobs that I have worked: Lifeguard, Gymnastics Coach, Cellular One Salesperson, Cashier/File Girl, Medical Transcriptionist, Mom's Day Out Teacher, Cake decorator, Cold Stone Creamery Cake decorator (yes, I know the songs), wife, and mom.

Things people don't know about me. I talk alot, so this would be difficult not to know things about me. 1) When I was little, my mom put me in a beauty pageant. I said that when I grew up I wanted to work at Dairy Queen, and my favorite group was Twisted Sister. Needless to say, I didn't win. 2) I am a very anxious and nervous person, and I worry about everything. A cheerleader broke his neck in front of me in college, and since that, I think I need therapy. I am always afraid something is going to happen or someone will get hurt. This drives Ricky nuts.
3) I have written 2 children's books, and I want to have them published. 4) People from high school will know this, but others wont. I love frogs. I had a pet frog named Romeo in college.

Do 5 people look at my blog? I tag Natalie, Miranda, Erin, Sarah, and Becky.