Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our First Concussion

Well, last night we experienced our first concussion with the boys. We attended the Upward Soccer award ceremony at church. Because I work in the nursery so much, the kids are really comfortable playing there...probably too comfortable. We told the kids it was time to go, and we were upset they had wandered off and around the church. It makes a huge circle around the sanctuary. Anyway, Braden and Kanton were walking toward us, and Ashton was by my side. Kanton's soccer coach told the boys they needed to RUN. Well, Ashton took off running toward the boys. I'm not sure if he was going to race them back to us, or if he just wanted to run with them. Kanton and Braden took off running toward us. Kanton was in a dead sprint, and he was looking down at the ground. He plowed over Ashton, knocking him backward onto the cement-covered carpet in the foyer. We heard his head hit the ground, and Ashton was screaming. I ran over and scooped him up, looking for blood. He hit so hard. Ashton's eyes were not dilated, and the coach said he was fine.

Mommy instinct knew that Ashton was not fine. He was squinting, he was holding his forehead, and he was pale. He told me he needed to go to sleep, and I wouldn't let him. We decided to take the other boys home, and Ashton started throwing up in the van. This freaked me out, because I knew he had a concussion at this point. I started crying. Ricky dropped me, Braden, and Kanton off at the house. He changed Ashton's clothes and cleaned out the car seat. Ricky then took Ashton to the doctor. I didn't go with him, since I'm pregnant...if they needed to do an x-ray, I would rather Ricky get to go in with him than Ashton have to be alone. He took him to the Urgent Care Center first, and it was closed. Ashton threw up in the parking lot. So, he took him to the Emergency Room. The doctor looked him over, asked the questions, examined him, and told Ricky that he had a mild concussion. Because he had only thrown up twice, we could continue to watch him at home.

I was relieved it wasn't as serious as it could have been. The doctor said to let him sleep if he was tired. We were supposed to bring him back if he experience convulsions, a stiff neck, difficulty controlling his bladder/bowels, and if his arms/legs didn't work. Ashton took some Tylenol and slept fine. He woke up around 2:30 a.m. whining, which scared me. He wanted a drink. I was relieved at this, gave him his drink, and we went back to sleep. My boss was nice enough to let Ashton sleep in this morning. He didn't go to bed until 11 p.m., so we slept until 9 a.m. We got up, and he ate breakfast and took his bath as usual. He seemed his usual self.

Now, I'm having to make the kids be careful with Ashton for a few days. Ashton is going nuts not being able to run and do full contact football or soccer. I told him that he couldn't play football for a few days. He doesn't understand how long that is, and he asked if he should wait until the Aggies are winning to play again! Ha. I think he thinks that's a long time. Well, we're doing better, and I'm trying not to be Mrs. Over Protective, but it's really hard. I don't want him to hit his head again, and I'm trying my best to let him rest and recover, but keeping this boy in 1st gear is a little difficult! He wants to go full throttle all the time! We are very thankful that it was just a mild concussion and not more. It was a very scary experience!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ashton's First Aggie Game

Dad with the future Aggie, Ashton
This is the view from our seats.
Here's our view of the student section.

Aggies don't take breaks. They just wet their towels when they are hot, and they put them on their heads. That way, you don't miss any action!!

We couldn't leave at half time, or we'd miss the Aggie band! Awesome!

It's fourth quarter, and he's still standing! Go Aggies!!

Here's Ashton looking a little silly. Maybe it was the grapes, or cheese crackers, or snow cone, or Dippin' Dots...yeah, he ate a lot at the game. But he had fun!!

Ashton thinks this is how you say "boo Longhorns."

The yell leaders were chased by the corps after the game.

The yell leaders were hoisted up like heroes and carried off the field.

Here is my tired little Aggie asleep in the van with his Aggie blanket. Don't worry, Revielle kept a watch over him while he case any longhorns tried to wake him!!
So we were super excited to get a phone call from a friend at work, Jennifer, who was going out of town and getting rid of her Aggie tickets. Ashton could not wait!! I am trading Jennifer some birthday cakes for her kids for the once in a lifetime chance for Ashton to go to his FIRST Aggie game.
Anyway, Ashton literally jumped out of bed on Saturday morning and said, "Is it Aggie game day?" So, it began. We went to the game around 11:15. We ate our lunch in the car in the parking garage. Ashton was so afraid he would miss the game, he would barely eat. He didn't want to drink too much, because he might have to go to the bathroom. So, we went to the stadium and sat down in our seats...45 minutes early. He didn't care. We watched the corps march in, saw George Bush, Sr., and watched the Aggies warm up. He was there, so he didn't care how early we were.
It was 89 degrees, and it was hot. Ashton didn't care. We had to make him get drinks. He went to the bathroom only twice, and he was hurrying me and saying he wasn't going to miss the touchdown!! Well, the Aggies ended up winning, and he loved it. It wasn't long enough for him. It was great. We walked to the van in the parking garage, and we sat in one spot in line trying to get out for 20 minutes! We finally got out, and he was fast asleep. He was in his blanket, because his wet shirt and the A/C made him cold. I have never seen a little kid enjoy the game like that. The kids behind us were laying on the bleachers asking their parents how much longer. Ashton was in heaven!! Thanks, Jennifer!! Gig 'em Ags!! Ashton showed us where he was going to sit when he goes to A&M. I asked him not to sit on the top or sides so mommy wasn't scared. He agreed.

Dewberry Farm

Here's Kanton petting the cow, Daisy.

This was like a big, huge trampoline tarp. The kids loved it. It made me nervous.
This is the reason Kanton had allergies and coughed the rest of the week. This is a huge mountain of hay.

Here's the whole kindergarten in front of the Dewberry Farm windmill and with some local grown pumpkins.

Here are Ashton and Kanton on the hayride!!