Friday, May 23, 2008

In His Steps Ceremony and cakes

This was the cake for BCS graduation tonight.
Here is Braden receiving his Godly character trait of "friendliness." He also got Headmaster's Honor Roll for making straight A's all year and the All-Star PE Award. There was one given per grade. We are so proud of him!

This is Braden's entire 2nd grade class.

These are the boys from his class, all good friends.

This is one of the 150 serving cakes for a lady who was retiring.

Here's 50 servings of strawberry cake.

Here's 100 servings of a little lopsided (but still tasty) chocolate and white. This was actually 4 cakes, and I stacked them 2 high and tried to butt them together. Note, it's not that easy and doesn't always turn out as well. You learn from your mistakes, right??

So, Kanton's pics are being developed as we speak. I will scan a picture next week some time.


Becky said...

Great cakes!!! Look beautiful,too bad this is not a scratch and sniff or scratch and taste screen!! Yum!
He had sweet Mrs. Tara for a teacher!!!!

brickmomma said...

We love Ms. Tera Besly!!!! My #1 had her last year and still misses her.

You are too funny!

The cakes looked great. And just think - someday you will have a spiderman pan........someday ;)