Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Preschool and Random Updates

Well, Ashton's first day of preschool was today. He has been asking for a week or more when he gets to go. Today was finally the day. He was excited. He got up early. He was dressed first. Mommy was taking entirely too long to get herself ready (even though she left with wet hair to get him there on time). Ashton walked in, found his class, found his cubby, picked out a seat, and opened the play-doh by himself. We took pictures, and he was great...until I said "goodbye." I have been dropping this sweet boy off 2 years at Mom's Day Out. He is still crying. It still breaks my heart. He only cries for me. He gives me a big hug, a sigh, and then he looks so sad. Two minutes later, he's laughing. He just wants me to miss him.

It would have been my first day at work for the fall, but as many of you know, I have been SO VERY SICK. Thursday, I was hit with the horrible diarrhea, and Friday, I started vomiting. Kanton was sick as well, and he stayed home from school that day. I continued on my downhill journey. I was vomiting and having diarrhea, and by Saturday a.m., I was not good. I had Ricky drive me to the clinic in town. They checked me out, and they decided that since my pulse was only 100 and not 120, I could wait about 4 more hours before giving me an IV. So, sadly, I went home with a phenegran prescription and kept puking. About 4:30, I had my sister drive me to the ER. By this time, it had been 3 days of diarrhea, 2 days of vomiting, and hardly any fluids were staying in me. I am pregnant, and I wasn't running to the bathroom every half hour. My lips were chapped, my head hurt, and I was shaking. So, she took me in, and they were telling me how dry my skin was, how I had leather skin, and making me feel like I waited too long. I got 2 Liters of fluid IV, and felt alive again!

I went home that night, and I was okay. I went to a parent conference Sunday night, and I ate about 1/2 of a fajita (this is all I had eaten since Thursday lunch when I had one chicken strip). That one fajita had me up the rest of Sunday night with diarrhea. Monday morning, I was a little better, but I was not great. I got out of bed, and I tried to drink and eat. I had Ricky bring me a hamburger. Big mistake. I threw the entire thing up, and I'm going to avoid Sonic for a while. So, I missed taking my boys bowling, and two of them had never gone before. Ricky took them to eat at Golden Corral by themselves, and he took them bowling. They had a great day without mom. I was sad, but at least they were out of the house enjoying themselves. So, Thursday evening through Tuesday morning, I was in bed. I emerged out of my cave for the parent conference Sunday only to find that was too soon.

It is now Wednesday, and I don't feel great. I still can hardly eat. I've lost 5 pounds. I am sweating. I am trying to drink, but that's hard, too. The doctor listened to the baby today. Do you want to know what he did to me? He said, "Well, 151 beats per minute. It's a girl!" I said, "What? You can't tell that." He said, "Yeah, if you believe old wives tales, it's a girl." Ashton heard this, and he said, "It's a girl, mommy?" I said, "Ashton, he's just teasing us." The doctor said, "Well, I just tell the moms what they want to hear." Okay, seriously, I never said a thing. He must have read my chart or saw Ashton figuring that I wanted a girl. I am okay either way. Seriously.

The air conditioner went out this morning. The compressor is out. It will be fixed tomorrow. Did I mention I'm sweating? Sickness, pregnancy, and no a/c. Take your pic.

Ricky, Braden, and I got struck by lightning a few weeks ago. Well, the ground very close to us got struck, and we all felt it, ducked, and felt pain. My left arm hurt where I was grabbing the van, Ricky's arm hurt as he was also holding the van, and Braden jumped out of the car and held the door. So, Kanton and Ashton were unaffected, because they were still inside the van. It hit so close, I saw a flash, and I ducked. Braden started screaming and crying. It was really scary.

So, it's crazy around here. We're still having scorpion troubles. Ashton got bit again last weekend. Not fun. We're going on a field trip to the Waco Zoo tomorrow for kindergarten. I'm driving. Let's pray I feel a little better. This stupid virus is horrible. I hope no one else gets it!


Becky said...

Sorry your still not 100%! I didn't think I saw you today.
Hope going on the ft is not a mistak for you!!

Kelly said...

I was glad to visit with you on the field trip today. Sorry you have been so sick, hopefully you are on the mend now.

Emily said...

Gosh, you have had a rough time. I hope that you feel better soon. Thats funny what your doctor said. They do say the highter the heart rate then its a girl. Both my girls were always over 140...guess we will have to wait and see:)

brickmomma said...

Its no virus, it is a stinkin' prasite!!!!!!