Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

Kanton's going to Kindergarten!
Braden is ready for 3rd grade!

Here are the boys outside the school on the first day! Ashton wore his school t-shirt, too!
The boys started school yesterday. They were so excited. I think Kanton was asking me all summer when he could start. He was ready! We got there early and took pictures, saw friends, and found lockers. We did this the day before at Meet the Teacher, but it was fun to do it again the first day! Braden walked into school, saw his old friends, and nearly forgot we were there. He did let me get a few pictures before he was busy talking to friends. Everyone was excited to see their old buddies that they hadn't seen much during the summer. Kanton was a little nervous, but he had a sweet friend in his class who came up and hugged him and said, "Kanton, I'm so glad you're in my class." Then this sweet boy told the teacher, "Kanton is my very best friend." That should help you feel welcome on the first day of school! Well, I was doing great and holding it together. It was like old hat, because I've dropped Kanton off at Mom's Day Out for three years now. I was great until the teacher asked, "Mom, are you okay?" I thought I am dropping my baby off at kindergarten, and it didn't even hit me. So then, I start getting a little emotional. The teacher handed me a bag of tissues with a sentimental poem about how he's been home with me for 5 years and that it's the teacher's turn to take care of him. It went on to say how she would help him learn and grow and take care of him for me. It was a very sweet poem.
The boys had a great day. Braden had some homework due Friday that he already started. He was anxious to come home and read a parable out of his bible. Kanton didn't have homework, but he made a cute handprint picture and painted red handprints on his bookbag. He got a little red paint on his uniform, and I am not sure how. I sent a paint shirt for him to wear!
So we made it through the first day, and the kids woke up excited again this morning. They were singing in the car and ready to go. Every morning, Braden asks if he can go and wait in the car until I'm ready. I told him I would hurry, but he did this last year as well. He doesn't like to be late! Don't worry. He is always on time, and the boy helps me make sure of that.
So, we are excited about the things that God has planned for this year. We have started third grade and kindergarten, I am returning to work in a couple of weeks, Ashton is moving up to preschool, and we're expecting the baby in the spring. It was an exciting start to a new year! I am looking forward to all the adventures that are in store for us! I am going to enjoy my week off before we get into the swing of things at MDO as well. Upward soccer is coming up, and I know things are going to get even more busy! Throw in the orthodontist appointments, baby doctor appointments, 16 field trips between my two school guys and 2 for preschool, soccer practice and games, and other life events, and we're going to be extremely busy!
I hope everyone has a blessed school year!


Emily said...

Gosh you have a busy year ahead! Your boys looked excited! I'm glad I did not recieve "The Poem" or I would have lost it!!

Kelly said...

I got that poem too, and I handed it to Dustin and told hime I wasn't going to read it. lol I still haven't read it. lol They are so cute.

brickmomma said...

I don't have your email......saw you guys have sorry!! We are finally better, I think, though #1's tummy still hurts sometimes.