Sunday, April 6, 2008

My First SWEET Deal

These are the sweet bears that made me fork over some hard-earned cash.
These are the fabulous products I got for FREE at CVS. And all the Aggies said WHOOP!

So, Myrna has taught me how to do coupons. I am learning. I am nowhere near her level of expertise, but I did manage a few deals that made me happy today. First, I went to Kroger and bought sale items with coupons. My total was $71, but after coupons, it was $52. Now, again, not as good as Myrna, but it's a starting point. I then took my monthly gas rewards and got gas for $3.11 a gallon instead of $3.21. That's a great deal in itself.

Now, here's for the really sweet deal. I went a week or two ago and bought some body wash with a coupon that Myrna told me to buy. I spent around $7 or so and got $14.97 extra care bucks at CVS. Today, Ricky and I went into CVS and got 3 Pantene hair products including hairspray, mousse, and gel that were $3/11, 3 Febreeze Products that were $2.50, $3.99, and $6.99, and a 99-cent package of Teddy Grahams that Ashton had to have. I gave the lady at the register a $1.00 coupon for the Pantene products, a coupon for $7.99 for Febreeze, a 50-cent in store coupon and the $14.97 extra care bucks I saved from the body wash. My grand total was....drum roll please..............$1.02. So, the Teddy Graham's made me have to fork over some cash!! My savings were $30.11 today! I also got $9 back in extra care bucks. So, thanks to Myrna for teaching me this suave new coupon thing, I am going to CVS to buy some CVS brand Acetaminophen for $3.98 and getting $3.98 back. Yeah!! I can't wait to go and spend some more!

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Myrna said...

I'm so proud! You did a great job on that deal all by yourself! It's just the beginning of many free stuff to come!