Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

One of the animal displays!!!
Braden on the rock wall!!!
Braden and Kanton checking out the monkey display!!!
Ashton enjoying his smore!!!
Kanton being silly!!!
Some of the animal displays!!!

Here are four chubby bunnies sitting around the fire and trying to stay warm.

Two little turkeys, a.k.a. Kanton and Braden on Thanksgiving.

Ashton, Thanksgiving 2007.

We had a great Thanksgiving, and despite the cold, dreary, and damp weather, the kids had a lot of fun. We drove to San Antonio to visit my brother and his wife, Helen. We spent Thanksgiving day making food and visiting. We had 18 people, 2 turkeys, a ham, 7 pies, and a chocolate cake! Yes, we had enough food. I'm sure my brother, who has no kids, was a little overwhelmed by his 5 nieces and nephews and the toys, clutter, and noise that they brought!! We went through 20 bags of trash in 5 days. He said they usually go through 2 a week. Oops!

The day after Thanksgiving, it was too cold for the zoo and other outdoor activities, so we went to Outdoor World/The Bass Pro Shop. Fun! I had never been. I should be getting pictures of this soon. They had the neatest displays of animals including zebras, turkeys, raccoons, and reindeer! The reindeer were just amazing! There was a 2-story rock wall that Braden climbed, and an indoor target range for the kids. When you shot the little skunk's target, he would spray you with a mist. It was a lot of fun. I think we spent nearly 3 hours in this store. If you're in San Antonio, check it out. There's a restaurant, fish tank of live fish, fudge shop, clothing, and anything to do with the outdoors you could imagine!
The cold weather never let up, but the kids had fun roasting marshmallows, sitting by the fire, and doing silly cartwheels and handstands in the backyard. There was not much outside time, but they made the most of what they had! Thanksgiving was a great time to spend with family. Now, I need to go and walk a few laps!!

On a side note, I need to tell a silly thing that Kanton said. This child comes up with some crazy things. I don't know where he gets them. They're just too silly to make up! Kanton told me that he wished he was a dog so he could "lick people and bite them!" Where does he come up with this stuff??? He has an awful habit of pinching people when he wants them to pay attention to him. I can't get it across to him that this is not nice, and he does it over and over again. RonRon and Dustin have the bruises to prove it!! Well, maybe not that bad, but have you ever heard a grown man yelp in pain and see a little 5-year-old boy smiling? That would be Kanton. He thinks it's funny. Pinching him back doesn't help, so I hope he outgrows this soon.

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Natalie said...

We really enjoyed getting to spend time with all of you at Thanksgiving. It was so nice to see has been forever!!! I can't believe how big the kids are getting! Can't wait until Christmas to see you all again. Take care, we love you, Natalie