Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas in the Park

There's nothing like a Christmas hayride in 75-degree weather. Notice how hot the kids look. We waited in line 25 minutes for the hayride, and they ran, and ran, and ran while we waited. They loved playing tag with their friends as they waited as well.
This display was huge. Each little display was as big as a person, so it probably took up about 50 yards of the park.

Ashton was a little worried about this "reindeer."

He thought it was a coyote, and he was afraid at first. Santa's elves are taking a break from their holiday fun! It looks like one sneaky elf

has a plan! O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!
I am posting pictures from Christmas in the Park which is in College Station at Central Park. They have free hot chocolate and cookies, free hayrides, lights, and entertainment every Friday and Saturday. They have pictures with Santa, but we didn't wait in line for that. The 25-minute wait for the hayride was enough for us. It was a nice experience, and best of all, it was free.
So, we just returned from a 900-mile trip, and I forgot my camera. So, you'll just have to take my word for it. We went to my aunt's house on Wednesday night, San Angelo on Thursday, back to my aunt's house on Friday, and home on Sunday. I must take a minute to say how wonderful it was to be in San Angelo. I got to see most of my friends, hug them, hear them talk, see their kids, and visit their homes. I went to 3 friends homes, and it was great. Amy was so sweet to keep my boys while I had my interview. The boys had so much fun playing with Jett and Levi. They really wanted to move back! Amy was great. She even let me stay a while when I was done. I had a good time. Kristi let me get dressed, went to breakfast, and had a great but short time. She was so sweet to give the kids Christmas nerds. Half of them are in my car, and they ate the other half! Okay, well maybe not half were spilled, but a few were lost on the way! Kim and her family were able to visit for a little while, and the kids had fun playing with Kaden and Kait. Again, Ashton was a little timid around 'Yote, but he was okay. Visiting Paul Ann and just seeing everyone made my heart smile. I just felt so loved and like I was home. I really can't wait to get back "home."
I will make a special post about the interview when I hear the final news. I don't expect them to call. :)
We had fun at my aunt's house, and we had a good time at a birthday party for my cousin's daughter who turned 2. She got so many toys, I don't know what she needs for Christmas. Maybe a box to put them in. My grandparents were there, and we had a great time visiting. It felt like people were mom and dad, and my sister and kids, and Dustin. So, that was fun, but I wish everyone was there.
I had to take Kanton to the ER last night. He was running a 103 fever, coughing, getting sick from coughing, and breathing heavy. He got 2 antibiotic shots in his leg, an x-ray, and has left lower lobe pneumonia. The poor kid is one tough cookie. He has had pneumonia about 6 times in his life. I had to stay home again. I missed all last week of work, and I thought I was going to work today. Please send donations to....
Just joking.
Merry Christmas to everyone. I have bought 3 presents, and only 1 is for my kids. I am doing terrible, and I just realized we have 2 weeks left. (sigh) The sick and craziness of traveling and doing things is beating me, and I need to get to it with my shopping!! All my friends had presents under the tree.

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mitzi said...

sounds like fun, Jen...i'm glad you got to get back to San Angelo! merry xmas!