Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Weekend Getaway

This is what 3 worn out boys look like after a long day of playing in the dirt and messing with cousins!
Ashton with my Aunt Niece riding the mower.
Well, we actually had our first getaway since moving way over here! We have stayed in town, believe it or not, every single weekend since July 20th. That's hard to believe! We have enjoyed the parks, water parks, pools, mall, and children's museum. This weekend, we just had enough of the daily grind and doing the same old thing. We headed out to see my aunt in Gatesville. The kids are not used to being cooped up, so having the freedom to run around in the yard, throw dirt on each other, and not worry about being too loud while playing was a great escape for us! Ricky mentioned the idea on Friday, and my poor aunt had a one day notice to get ready for us! We had a great time eating BBQ, getting in the dirt, and staying up late playing great worship songs on the guitar with Alan, my cousin.
Today, it was cold and windy, so we stayed inside after school. The boys were playing in the room and decided to watch Ricky's baptism video from PaulAnn. I enjoyed hearing Clay sing again and was singing a little louder than my neighbors probably liked! The boys were laughing about how they looked so different on the video. Things that you PaulAnn people will have to share with fellow staffers... Ashton saw Jeff talking and getting ready to baptize a student, and he had his beard and long hair. Ashton said, "Oh, Jesus!" I got so tickled, because Ashton thought it was Jesus. He has seen Sunday school and MDO pictures of him, and I think he thought Jeff was Jesus! I was so tickled!! Then, I tried to turn off the video when Kirt started preaching, because I figured the kids just wanted to see the baptism and that's it. No, Ashton started CRYING saying he wanted to listen! Too funny. Every time he sees pics of PaulAnn and him singing, he says "That's where I sing 'Oh, How I love Jesus!'" It's so cute how they remember. I really miss this church, and the people especially. I am 'friends' with people at work, but outside work, not anything more. I miss my friends in San Angelo, I miss my church, and I miss being only 3 hours away from my family. I want to go home, but I don't think I can do the 8 hours and 3 kids alone. Hopefully God can show me what we're supposed to do.
Please pray for us as I have applied for a job, and I would like to know if this is the direction God wants me to go, or if it's not, please help me accept that and figure out where to go from there. Sometimes, things that make sense in my head are not in God's plan for me, and I am struggling still to find out what that is. The boys are doing great in school. Except Ashton still cries at MDO. Those who know Ashton understand he just wants to be in my class. So cute. I miss you all, and hope that you have a wonderful time while I am away. Please try to miss us...just a little!!


Amy said...

Ashton's not crying because he wants YOU, he's crying because he wants ME! and Ms. Amber and Ms. Mandie! He just wants to come back to OUR MDO program!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Actually, Amy, I asked him if he did, and he said "yes." He said he does want to go back there, and he wants to see Kayla, too. I miss y'all. WWWAAAAAHHHH!!!