Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy December

What a great way to start the day!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!! What a beautiful morning!!!

Ashton slept in but still got to play in the snow!

Braden and Kanton had a few minutes of snow time before they had to get dressed for school!

This is a view of the backyard this morning!

This was a very fun princess cake I made for Ashton's friend, A. She made my day. She said her favorite part of her party was her cake.

I just happened to be standing closest to the tree farmer when he asked which tree we wanted for the kids' school. I said, "That one looks good." So, in a way, I got to pick it out. I hope they liked it!

Here's Kanton's kindergarten class and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. T!!

Here are Kanton, Ashton, and I at the Christmas Tree Farm on December 4. It was a nippy 34 degrees that morning, so I'm sporting a lovely oversized coat courtesy of my hubby! Warmth over style, people!
It's been a crazy while since I posted. We have been so busy with birthday parties, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, and work. I have had a sinus infection for 5 weeks now. I'm on my second round of antibiotics. I am so tired and run down from all the craziness! Yesterday at work, I was having some contractions and feeling really dizzy. I think my body is getting a little worn out from all I'm trying to do.
We really need some sit down family time. I am going to be 28 weeks on Saturday, and entering the third trimester, I just really want to take a deep breath and focus on family time. I have been praying that God will just help me through this time. We get so caught up in our to do lists, laundry, house cleaning, and the million Christmas parties and gifts we have to buy. I have not done Christmas pictures, Christmas cards, wrapped presents, or sat down much lately. I just pray that I can focus on the family and spiritual aspect of this holiday. We had a great program at church a month ago, and the woman in the play reminded us that Mary wasn't running around wrapping gifts and sending out cards when Jesus was coming. She was so focused on what God had her doing, and she just did what He told her to do.
I know that these busy things won't go away. They will get done. Otherwise, kids will be disappointed, parties will be messed up if I forget my contributions, and people will wonder why we didn't have our pictures made. I just wish that it wasn't so crazy. It's such a happy, wonderful time of year. I just hope to make sure my kids know the true meaning of the Christmas season, and I hope that I have a joyful heart throughout the busyness. I'm praying for rest, family time, and joyful hearts for all of you! Please pray for me as well!

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