Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sonogram results are in

IT'S ANOTHER BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post pictures when I can, but the boys were surprised...except for Ricky and my dad who said they knew. I don't have a name, so I have to get to working on that one!!

Thanks for thinking of us. I will just be the QUEEN of this CASTLE for a very long time. He is healthy, and that's what matters!! I have until February to think of something. He waved at us during the sonogram, and he wouldn't be still. I'm sure we will have our hands we didn't already!!


Emily said...

Congrats on another beautiful boy!I will have to think of some good names for you!

Kelly said...

Yeah, that is wonderful. Congrats and welcome to the 4 boys club! Dustin is grinning and saying I knew it. lol

Nicole said...

OK, I thought of you all day. It was an insane day with 2 separate visits to the dr! I fell into bed late last night and realized (after already shutting my computer down!) that I forgot to check your blog. My sick strep throat body rolled out of bed, scolded by my husband, rebooted the computer- just to check and see!!!!!! Really, I was kinda surprised! I know I said boy, but was kinda expecting to see girl. At least your boys are sweet, handsome and so much fun! Enjoy all those boys :)CONGRATS!

Nikki said...

God meant for you to have boys! Congrats and I am glad to hear he is will have lots of dauther-in-laws in your future to pamper! Braden, Kanton, Ashton....paxton, Jackson, Landon....Jaydon....let me know what you pick!

Becky said...

Congrats! Was hoping to be surprised but, had a feeling it would be another boy! Yes, healthy is what matters!