Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Weekend 2008

This is Kanton's cake that he designed on paper. For those of you who are wondering, they are lightsabers from Star Wars....I think I didn't do a great job on these, but the kids knew what they were.

I used Ashton's Webkinz Collie dog for inspiration.

Ashton requested a 3-D Reveille cake.
So we had the kids' party this weekend. Kanton and Ashton's birthdays are 2 years and 13 days apart, so they fall within 2 weeks of each other. We planned their party together this year so they could have it at a really fun place! The kids had a blast playing on bouncy slides, the velcro walls, and running around with a rubber ball chasing the other kids. I seriously think there was more running around with the ball than there was bouncing. We could have saved some dough and had this thing outside with a few balls!! Well, you know then it would have been cold or rained or another hurricane would have showed up.
Anyway, we had a blast seeing family and friends, and except for the Aggies losing, it was a great day! I will say that they kept up with the Raiders pretty well considering that we thought it was going to be a stomping!
I need to make a request to anyone who ever knows of Aggie tickets for cheap. My Ashton wants to save his $10 birthday money to go and see an Aggie game. How sweet is that? He practices football every day thinking he is going to play! He keeps asking when he can play there. If he doesn't get to, he's going to make one heck of a water boy!!
So here are some party pictures...

Here is Ashton climbing to the top of the rock wall once again!

Braden sliding down one of the slides

Here is Kanton in the velcro suit. It was so heavy that when he fell down, he couldn't get up by himself. I laughed so hard at him falling and trying to stand up. It was very funny!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Ashton!!

Happy 6th Birthday, Kanton!!

Here's Braden enjoying the party!


Kathleen said...

So sorry we missed it. Looks like fun and those cakes are great. LOVE the dog cake!

Casandra said...

Todd would love the cake...and so would Dylan! You did a wonderful job!