Friday, July 11, 2008

Cow Appreciation Day

the boys in their cow costumes
Please, save your cow jokes.

So, today we did it. We got creative and got brave. We made our costumes with glue, felt, cow-print material, safety pins, and posterboard. I even talked Ricky into doing it. We marched into Chick Fil-A as a herd. We got $27 worth of food for 36 cents. We had to pay for a fruit cup for one of the boys. It was well worth it, and the kids spent a lot of time helping with costumes. We will do it every year from now on. There were kids, parents, and even college students dressed up. We were laughing at some college boys in the same material our boys had on, but they were sneaking people under it, holding a cow mask, and making a two person cow. It was funny. I think the kids will look forward to doing it again next year.


Amanda said...

Wow!! Ya'll look great!

mitzi said...

I love it, Jen! Looks like ya'll had so much fun...

Becky said...

Very cute!
I heard this weekend that there is something that you haven't told me. Would have thought the favorite student's mom would get a call or an e-mail! Huh!