Sunday, October 14, 2007

Preschool Barnyard

Braden standing by the wheel of the John Deere. He was on Fall Break from his private school, so he got to go along with us.

So, Kanton had his first field trip ever. He was so excited, since his brother has had several field trips. It just so happened that this field trip fell during the week that Braden had Fall Break with his Christian school. We were all able to go on the field trip. We saw sheep, dairy cows, pigs, a tractor, beef cows, a sheep dog, a horse, and chicks. It was really fun. The kids learned that pigs are turned into bacon, cows make milk, other cows are turned into hamburgers and steaks, and sheep make wool. This was a hands-on experience, and some kids had never seen these animals. I know that we have seen them from a distance, but there's just something about petting that soft spot on a horse's nose that just doesn't get old. My boys were thrilled to touch the baby chicks. My camera's memory card was full, so I missed them. Kanton's teacher snapped a pic of him with his mouth wide open in awe of those chicks. It was a lot of fun. Ashton was so excited to touch a tractor. He's pretty much obsessed with tractors.

At the old house in Wall, he would ride up and down the grass in the yard next to a big chain-link fence that bordered the property line by the highway. He would ride up and down acting like he was mowing next to a real tractor mowing for the county on the other side. He loved it!

Ashton is loving this! He is fascinated with tractors and trailers!

Kanton up on the John Deere.

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy! Oh, aren't they cute?? Wilbur, Miss Piggy, Ham, and Bacon.
I have always wanted a pet pig. After reading Charlotte's Web, who could not want a pet pig?? I always thought I wanted a miniature pot-bellied pig. Pink would be good. Did anyone else imagine themselves rescuing a runt and having him as your very own baby? This was something I have always secretly wanted. I think that Ricky has been warned of this, and he tries to keep me away from pigs as much as possible. I think that he must think I would be tempted to bring one home. Well, after smelling the pen of Amy's pig, Phillip, last year. I decided that I would only love pigs in my heart and not in my home. Sorry Phillip.

Kanton checking out the cows.

Kanton's class at the annual Preschool Barnyard at Texas A&M. This is a bad picture, because all the tall moms were in front. Tall moms, please squat down and take a picture so the short moms can have a picture of something besides your heads and arms. I was raising my camera up over the tall moms heads, and I had no idea what I was snapping until I saw my LCD screen. Next time, I should just squeeze in and move to the front. What do you think? Okay, so I don't want to hurt my tall friends feelings...well, all my friends would be my tall friends, because all are taller than me. Oh, Amy, are you? No, I think I'm taller than someone besides my kids. Woo-Hoo. (There were a couple of typos in there I had to fix. Thanks, Nat. I saw them later, but I was too lazy to fix 'em til now. I sounded like a pirate talking about "me kids." LOL or should I say "Argh, argh, argh." Okay. Enough of that mateys.)

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Amy said...

Hey, now! Should I be offended or flattered that you mentioned me TWICE in this one entry?? For the record, pigs DO stink and are a pain to take care of properly (just ask Angela!) and yes, I AM shorter than you! I'm shorter than MOST people. That's probably why I like the under 5 age group so much ;)