Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I really should be updating with pictures right now. Well, let's back up...I really should be doing laundry or something more productive right now. I have decided to post some funny things that Kanton has said. He is such a funny guy, because he says things that he doesn't mean to be funny. He is very sincere, and that makes it even better. So, I want to do this before I forget.

1. A few weeks ago, Kanton saw me cooking in the kitchen. He makes me want to work out!
Kanton: Mom, those are some tiny shorts!

2. One night, we were watching Biggest Loser a while ago (and pre-Bryson), I was weighing myself in the bathroom while Kanton was in the bath tub. He thought he was giving me a compliment!
Kanton: Mom, you could be on Big Fat Loser!

3. At my parents' house, my dad was getting the go-kart ready to ride. The throttle got hung, and the go-kart started going on its own. My dad jumped on the back trying to stop it, and it hit the fence and flipped over on him. Kanton came outside, looked at the go-kart and looked at the fence...
Kanton: Ron Ron, I know why you hit the fence! You forgot to open the gate!

4. Braden was walking in the hallway, and his shoulder hit the trim on the doorframe. Braden was holding his shoulder in pain.
Kanton: Braden, if you would scoot over, you wouldn't hit your arm!

5. One day, I was frustrated with the kids, and I started calling Braden's name for Kanton and Kanton's name for Ashton and vice versa. Well, Kanton just stopped and looked at me and said... "Mom, why did you name us that if you couldn't remember it?"

6. The newest one happened the other night. Kanton is a very picky eater, and we have tried bribing him with $1 for everything he tries, and it still doesn't work.

Me: Kanton, you're going to have to try some kind of lunch meat this summer so we can pack it in your lunch next year.

Kanton: I don't like meat!

Me: Well, if you're going to be a vegetarian, you have to eat more fruits and vegetables and get some protein.

Kanton: I was going to be a scientist!


Becky said...

These are so funny and cute!!! I got a great chuckle!! Miss seeing you!

Karri said...

I love the one about the vegetarian/scientist! Too funny.


Casandra said...

Those are so cute! Dylan has his own funny sayings too! I really enjoyed us visiting together and seeing all of your family. Thanks for stopping by.