Saturday, May 23, 2009

In His Steps 2009

This is Ashton's favorite thing to do. Braden's friends especially think it's cool. I don't know many 4th grade boys...who can do this, so it is very entertaining to them. I think this will be the photo I put in Ashton's senior yearbook. This was done between ceremonies.
Here's the family between ceremonies. You didn't want to see us after 4 hours of awards. Whew!

Hey, there's nothing in here!
Poor Kanton had an allergy, and his eyes were killing him. Most of my shots, he's rubbing them or they're closed.

Kanton received the Godly character trait of "obedeince." His teacher told me he always tried really hard to be good, and he made it through the entire year of kindergarten without getting in trouble! Yeah, Kanton!!

Kanton is getting his diploma from his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Taylor.

Braden received the Godly character trait of "faithfulness" and was on the Head Master's Honor Roll (meaning he received all A's all year long).

Braden and 3rd graders reciting their memory verses

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