Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 months old and Spring-time Fun

Looking for some good, clean fun? Welcome to our blog. Note: It gets a little dirty toward the end. I apologize.
*Note: For a better viewing experience, please hum the Indiana Jones theme song. This helps my kids when they are playing, and I know it will help your blog viewing! Here are Kanton, Ashton, and Braden...errr, I mean Indiana Jones and his 2 stunt doubles.

Bryson is smiling now! He is also grabbing his toys and cooing lots. He reaches for my face and for his brothers' faces. He only woke up one time last night to eat, and he only snacks. I think he is just a sleepy guy. He's got a lot to watch over in our crazy house! He needs all the rest he can get!

Ron Ron and all the chubby bunnies getting ready to hunt eggs. We weren't going to hunt them, but the kids insisted. Please do not be fooled. The kids were not upset at all by their baskets remaining in the attic. They enjoyed the light-weight plastic bags. It made them run so much faster this year!

Happy 1st Easter, Bryson!

Pit Stop! The kids were pretending to change the tires on the go-cart. It was so cute!

Look out Angelina Jolie! Bryson can pucker up, too!

Bryson turned 2 months old on 4-16-09.

This is my parents' cake. My mom is a hygienist, and dad is a mechanic.

Kanton the dirty dude...They decided to play in a "pig puddle," which is what my boys call mud puddles.

Ashton the mud monster...Don't worry Em, the shirt came clean! So did Ashton after 5 shampoos and 3 body scrubs. It took 4 Q-tips to clean his ears! And as I told you, I apologize for the dirt in my blog! Have a great day!!


Becky said...

Very cute pics and very fun times!!! You're a good mama to let them get in the mud like that!!! A and J did that last summer! What a mess! but fun!

Kelly said...

Wow that is some serious mud! The joys of boys right?!?

Emily said...

Man-- I want a boy. My girls FREAK if they get a speck of dirt or heaven forbid they see a bug;) Cute pics, Bryson is growing and getting cuter and cuter.

Myrna said...

I love these pictures! Good job capturing good times and cute smiles!