Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayers Needed--Jaundice

Bryson had his billirubin checked on Wednesday. It was a little high Thursday, but they let us go home. We went back to the hospital this morning and had it checked. It went up 4 points. We have to go back to the hospital on Saturday and Sunday to draw more blood and check his bilirubin. The doctor says that if his levels don't fall by Monday, he will be readmitted to the hospital. I am breastfeeding, and this is very frustrating to me. The only way to get rid of it is for him to pee and poop it out, plus sit in the sun. He's eating every 30 minutes and tanning in the window right now. Please pray for us. Braden's birthday is Monday, and he would seriously be so upset if Bryson and mommy go to the hospital on his birthday.

Thanks, everyone!
Jennifer and the boys

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Emily said...

praying for you guys. molly had bad jaundice when she was born. hang in there. keep us posted!!