Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Friday evening, I got the kids ice cream. The vanilla was so mushy, it was like soft serve. I thought the kids left the freezer door open. Saturday morning, we were getting ready for Braden's Upward basketball game, and I opened the freezer to get some cold packs out. Thank goodness it was our week for snacks and drinks, or I wouldn't have even got in the freezer. Well, I noticed the boxes were getting soggy, and it was warm.

I panicked. The fridge went out. Ricky and I grabbed the steaks and 2 gallons of milk we bought that morning and put them in the stand up freezer. The good news is that we saved a lot of food. We did throw some things away and give our fridge a good ol' cleaning out. After working on it, vacuuming under the fridge, using an air compressor and cleaning off the fan/compressor, we noticed that the compressor and fan still were not coming on. We went to Walmart and got bags of ice and another cooler.

So, we are still living out of two coolers. One is for drinks, and the other is for the fridge food. If we didn't have the stand up freezer, I think it would be way worse. So, I think we may just buy a less expensive model. We have the baby coming in 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 weeks, depending on whether he arrives on his own or at the scheduled c-section. We may just make that our garage fridge in a few years when we decide to buy another fridge. I'm thinking that with 4 kids, especially 4 BOYS, you can never have enough food in the freezer/fridge. Plus, if I continue coupon shopping and cake making, I always need a place to store ingredients/stockpiled items.

I have two cakes to make this weekend. I threw out the eggs, because I don't want to take a chance. The butter is in the freezer for now. It's just bad timing. I know there's a lesson that God's trying to teach us. Ricky seems to think it's about having more money in our emergency fund. I am not sure. I am thankful that it's just the fridge. Seriously, there are so many more things that could happen, and this is minor compared to those. I know one day we will look back on this and laugh. It might not be very soon, because I am panicking a little that we have to buy a fridge when I need a bathtub for the baby, side sleeper, sling, baby clothes, etc., but hey....God will take care of us. He always does! Maybe it's in His timing. We just have to find the lesson He is wanting us to learn.

RIP GE Side by Side Refrigerator : Jan. 7, 2003 -- Jan. 9, 2009


Kelly said...

I have a baby bathtub you can have. It is a basic white tub. Christine Hoover gave it to me right before she moved. I used it a few times, and it is now sitting in my bathroom taking up space. I can bring it to you on Sunday evening.

Becky said...

Sorry about this!!!
We've been there!!
Happened when we were still at Parkway. We borrowed a little dorm fridge from the church while our fridge was being repaired. It is hard!! Makes you really appreciate it!!!
The baby stuff will come together...don't you worry!! :o)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness!! Let me know if making the cake becomes a problem...We may have a dorm size refrig. if you need to borrow one!!

Tyler said...

Congrats on #4! I cannot believe you are having another boy. I guess the odds were in his favor though. We find out next Wednesday if we are having another boy or a girl.

Any names yet?