Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Poor Ashton

Well, we were home last night, cleaning up dinner. The kids were playing in the room with their cousins, and we heard this awful scream from Ashton. He screamed and cried, "Something is biting me mommy!" I already knew what it was...a scorpion. I ran in there, got a sheet he was playing in on the floor, and got him out. Ricky ran in the room and started whipping the sheet, and the thing flew on him! My sister yelled at him, and he knocked it off and tried to kill it. The scorpion was quickly scurrying behind the tv stand in Ashton's room. Ricky finally killed it. My 7-year-old niece was too afraid to sleep last night, and she was up ALL night. I kid you not. My poor sister had to listen to her cry all night, because she was so scared. The landlord has sprayed. We found 3 after that...then Ashton was stung.

What's next? Anyone know how to get rid of scorpions?

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Kathleen said...

I can't help you there but so sorry that Ashton got bit. I grew up with scorpions and I hate those things!