Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Here are Kanton, Ashton, and some friends playing tug of war with a pair of jeans on Rodeo Day!
Ricky asked why there are no pictures of him. Here you go, Honey!!

This is not a great picture, but if you lean very close to your screen and look closely at the top of the carport, there is a snowflake. Yes, there it is, folks. Awesome!

"What time is it, Mom? The gift shop's going to close!"

These are the homemade stick horses with Kanton and Ashton. No, they are not greyhounds...or sea horses.

I haven't stopped. Since 2008 began, I think I have just been busy. My kids are not playing any sports right now, and only one is in school. How can I be this busy? Well, I will try to sum up a few of the things I have been doing and why I haven't blogged at all.

Let's see....I ran (maybe 50 yards) and walked in a 5k. Yes, 5k sounds so much longer than the 3.1 miles, but it was a long way. Next year, I'm running it...and getting a size smaller shirt. Well, that's the goal anyway. Because I was too lazy to walk back to the parking garage and get my camera, please click on Myrna's link to see the picture. Thanks, girl! It took longer than I will post. I know a few people posted their times. Let me just say that at the 2 mile marker, Lana and I went in a building to get a drink of water since we were walking with Myrna's daughter. Every other person in the walk had already drank all the water, so we had to go get a drink from the water fountain. A lady who was with our group was finished, and she thought we were done. Nope, we were just at the 2 mile mark. She looked surprised and said, "Oh!" I am sure she thought we were the slowest people. These college kids were telling us "Come on, you're nearly in first place." They were lying. We were nearly last. They were making fun of us. Not next year. Watch out. Time will be posted, I will run.

I would like to say that I have cut myself down to one Dr Pepper a day. Yes, this is truly amazing and nothing short of a miracle. For 10 years or longer, I have been drinking 6 a day. Yes, I do know how many calories that is. So, I've managed to cut out about 750 calories per day just drinking water and having that one little DP in the morning. I am quite proud of myself.

Kanton had rodeo day. Instead of buying stick horses, I made one for Kanton and Ashton. I have enough stuffing and material to make one for everyone in Mom's Day Out. We had fun making our own horses, and the kids have played with them quite a bit. Kantons' horse is named Luke Skywalker, and Ashton's is Baby Boy. We had lots of fun on rodeo day, and they even let Ashton participate. He was very excited.

We woke up the morning of March 7, the same day as rodeo day, and it was snowing!! I was told it didn't snow here. Well, it didn't stick, but it did happen. I saw it. The kids got up on the first time that I called them. I wish it would snow more often. It was such a fun day, and I was so excited. I don't think I stopped smiling until the snow stopped falling. It was a beautiful sight.

We also had Spring Break, and I went home to good ol' West Texas. I got to smell the oil (blah), be sandblasted by 55 mph wind and sand, remember what stickers (or grassburs) felt like, and see quite a few tumbleweeds. We had a short 45 minute stop at the Abilene Zoo. The zoo is very small, and it only takes about that long to walk it. We got there at 4:15, and it closed at 5:00. My kids would go to the animals and look at them, and I would say, "Oh, look at the Jaguar," and they would say, "Yeah, come on." They were in such a hurry to get to the gift shop before it closed, I think they hardly cared about the animals.

It was nice to visit my family. My parents spent like $300 on groceries for us to come, and I think they were quite shocked at how much 3 growing boys and 2 little girls could eat. Thanks, MeMe and RonRon. We had fun. Hope we didn't eat you out of house and home! My sister and her kids were down, because it was their Spring Break, too, and we had a great time hanging out with them. We had dentist appointments, hair appointments, and a birthday party for my niece, who turned 2. Let me also add that Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday a.m., I ran a low fever of about 100 degrees, Braden woke up with a rash on Tuesday through Thursday, and Ashton started throwing up on Wednesday. It was a very eventful week.

We returned from Spring Break to find out that Easter was coming out of nowhere, and I had to make mad dashes to the store to buy eggs and candy in the middle of the downpour that came on Tuesday. I'm usually very prepared, but this year, it all kind of got squished together. My babies at MDO had their egg hunt, and they were so cute. They couldn't even walk at the beginning of the year, and now they're hunting eggs!

Well, we're all ready for the Easter weekend. Braden's party was today, and the discussed the Resurrection eggs and told the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. It was very interesting for me as well. We will celebrate Easter Sunday with some friends who invited us for a barbeque and egg hunt.

On a very happy note, I would like to add that Kanton is reading. We were in the resource room at church, and he started showing me the words on the die cuts. He showed me "cross" and "corn", which he thought was "crayon." I told his teacher I thought he could read. She said she thought he could, too. He was dismissed from speech after 2 years of going. He did really well, and his teacher thought she had done all she could for him, and he didn't need to go. She also told me she thought he could read. So, I bought Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss at the recommendation of my friend Amy, whose son is also reading and also in pre-k. Kanton read the first 34 pages the first day. I was so impressed. A few days later, he read the whole thing. He is now reading, but he doesn't like to read for anyone unless I offer a dollar, which I did for my parents the first night he read aloud to them on the phone.

I am sorry this is so long. I am just trying to squeeze in all the details of the happenings. I am liking it here a little more. I absolutely love my job. It is really fun, I love the people I work with, and I love the kids in my class. It is so flexible and understanding, and it feels great working at a place like this. I especially like that my kids are there with me and getting a great experience as well. I still miss our old church, and I have not found that same experience here. I am still praying that God will show us where to go. I am thankful for Braden's school, my job, the kids' preschool, and Ricky's job. I am thankful that we are happy and healthy. I think that we have found a house to rent until we buy something later on. We really want to get out of our current lease, which is ending, and take our time to look around.
Please keep praying for us.


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Becky said...

I know it is hard going to a new place. I am glad you are here! I always like seeing your smiley face! Of course Agirl loves you!!

brickmomma said...

Hop on Pop was the first book I read, too!!

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