Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First time blogger's heart

I have been reading blogs the past few months. I have often thought that I have some fun, thoughtful, or just plain interesting things to share. This gives me an outlet to do that. I think that the purpose of this blog will be to stay in touch with friends and family and share things that are on my heart. I turned 30 last week, and I think that it really got me thinking about life and relationships. I always wonder if I am living my life as God has intended it to be. Am I serving to my fullest potential? I am so thankful for my family and the friends that I have grown up with. I thank God for the friendships growing up that I look back on with the fondest memories. I often wish I could see what God has planned for my life, because I often wonder what He is trying to teach me at a particular moment. We recently moved to a new town, and I am trying to find new friendships and a church home. It is frustrating that this is proving so difficult. I know God has a church here for us, but missing our old church really puts a strain on my heart. I pray that God will help us find it here. Our pastor told us that God already has a perfect church planned for us. I wish we could find it! What if we never do? We'll just go to every single church in town! That should keep us busy. At least we will meet a lot of new faces.

On another note, I am working at Mom's Day Out and taking care of babies. We have 6 babies and 2 teachers. Sometimes that is not enough! I enjoy this job more than I thought I would. I think the babies are beginning to like us, too.


RaiLynn said...

What's up with that picture?! ha It is a good picture except for the outfits.

You will find the church God wants you to be in and you will know it when you get there, don't worry. He is not going to just leave you hanging.

I miss you and your guys! Big hugs to you all!

Lisa said...

It was great to hear from you and see all of your smiling faces. hang in there....God is working. We really miss you all! Matthew will be excited to see the picture!

Amy said...

I am loving the picture! Although, Brian said it was the worst picture that he had ever seen! I think he's just a bit biased ;) I know that you will find the church home that God has for you. Just keep your eyes open and look everywhere. It will pop up when you least expect it! Love ya and miss ya bunches!!